Welcome to Mountford Berries

We are a family owned business based in Longford, Tasmania. We are proud of our beautiful berries and are seeing significant growth and expansion for our berry farm, as Australia’s appetite for delicous fresh berries continues to grow.

Farm Managers

About Us

Mountford Berries is a Tasmanian owned Horticulture business with a growing crop portfolio. Our farm retains traditional and strong family values. Due to Australia’s growing appetite for our beautiful berries has resulted in significant growth and expansion for our business.

The Mackinnon family have been farming at Mountford for 5 generations. The mixed farming operations on the farm lead to a diversification into Berry farming in 2014. Beginning with 4Ha of in ground strawberries, the Berry farm has now grown to a 14Ha diverse operation of tabletop Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackberries.

“Mountford” in Longford is our home and we employ approximately 100 fulltime and seasonal staff. We are situated between Longford and Perth and only 15 minutes from Launceston and 10 minutes from the airport. This makes our farm such an ideal place to work.

Picking Raspberries

Our Berries

All of our berries are grown for Driscolls Australia and go into the domestic Australian Market.

Strawberries: 7.5 Hectares of double table top, hydroponic and under polytunnels. Over 565,000 plants.

Raspberries: 4 Hectares of hydroponic pots under polytunnels. Over 26,000 plants.

Blackberries: 2.75 Hectares of hydroponic pots under polytunnels. Over 10,000 plants.

Where are we ?

“Mountford” in Longford Tasmania is home to our expanding berry growing enterprise. We are situated approximately 2 km from the villages of Longford and Perth. Due to the farm's close proximity to the city of Launceston and airport we are ideally located to provide a great work environment.

“The family of Mountford Berries are generous people and very kind people. I have got new skills and got ability of leadership. Thank you so much for you all”

~ Natalino (Seasonal Worker Programme)

Local Pickers

What's it like to work for Us?

Working with us is different to working in other businesses. We are a family and this is our home. The work is challenging, hot and physical but the caring nature of our family means you will always feel valued.

Every position on our farm is important and required for the business to run and run smoothly. We regularly check in with our team and make sure there are enough ‘Zooper Doopers’ to go around at the end of a long hot day!